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18th century
Il Libro Del Cavalier Borri, cover

Front cover

Il libro del Cavalier Borri
A cura di Alessandro Boella e Antonella Galli

The book begins with an extensive biography of Francesco Giuseppe Borri, an Italian alchemist born in Milan 1627, and ends with the partial transcription of a manuscript held at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague. A very interesting book to read. The authors Alessandro Boella and Antonella Galli have included lots of very helpful notes and references. It is a thoroughly researched and annotated work.

It is a soft cover book measuring 15 x 21 cm with 256 pages. Signatures are printed in black only and thread sewn with spine glued. Written in Italian, published in Rome by Edizioni Mediterranee, March 2012.

Book can be bought here at the publisher website.
ISBN: 978-88-272-2179-2

Il Libro Del Cavalier Borri, title page

Title page with a portrait of Giuseppe Francesco Borri (1675)

Il Libro Del Cavalier Borri, pages 54-55

Pages 54-55, chapter III, portrait of Henry Oldenburg (1668)

Il Libro Del Cavalier Borri, pages 142-143

Pages 142-143, beginning of the transcript with a reproduction of the manuscript title page

Il Libro Del Cavalier Borri, pages 180-181

Pages 180-181, manuscript transcript, chapter “Il trattato de bianchimenti”

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